Changu Lake, Sikkim

Changu Lake, also called Tsomgo lake rests at an altitude of 12000 ft above sea level. This is on the way to Nathula Pass which is also the India-China border. Given the altitude and climate, fall is the most beautiful thing that could have happened to this region. The colourful prayer flags add to aesthetic beauty of the Changu lake surrounded by Alpine/ Sub alpine vegetation.

The local religion Buddhism is very rampant and Changu lake has many prayer flags on its banks indicating its religious importance to the locals.

Getting there: You would need to hire a jeep with driver. Wouldn't suggest driving the Himalayan ghats to novices. Opt for a air conditioned vehicle. Given the steep ramp drive, vehicles are bound to emit a lot of diesel smoke.
Acclimatising: Probably talked about in every opportunity, but it definitely deserves its importance and is not a bit over rated. Your local driver would suggest stopping at intervals to acclimatise to the altitude. As the saying goes, Take Deep Breaths and Be Alive!


  1. What a beautiful place that is.. Nice one
    BTW, thanks for checking on me. I will be back soon.. :)


  2. Nature's amazing canvas! Sikkim along with Arunachal and Leh are one of my favourite place that I hope to visit some day ...

  3. when was these photos taken ,has the snow seems to be missing .

  4. Awesome blog-love your pics and envy your wanderings !

  5. Very cool snaps, felt the real experience of being there...

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  6. serenity reigned in every frame!

  7. @Team Gsquare: the snow doesn't appear in Fall season
    @Arpana, @Pramod, @Vyankatesh: thanks
    @Lakshmi Rajan: you should.. Sikkim is a wonder.

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