Picking on People in Sikkim

I did pick on some, interfered a bit, irritated a bit and photographed a bit.
On the day of Gangtok sightseeing, Deepak was our assigned driver. All of 24 (the age he claimed, I guessed 18), he was a hep, quiet, no-hassles driver unlike most drivers I have encountered back home.
Durga Puja means big celebration in East and North East India.  As my visit was around the Durga Puja time frame, I spotted people with special designs on their foreheads with sacred Haldi and Kumkum. The designs in Yellow and Vermilion were my first time sight and as this lady explained, the priest applies it disciples foreheads in this pattern after Puja.

Random Handsome tea drinker
 For the first time, a kid caught my attention. He was well behaved and posed for me unlike 99.999999% spoilt brats his age.

The best driver we got through the trip. Responsible Anil spoke good English and helped with torches and co-operated through all the innumerable toilet stops on the way to Nathula.
Shot from Bagdogra Airport, which is a Defense run Airport and hence the symbolic military jeep in the background.
Have a good weekend Folks!


  1. Nice stuff.
    Wish you Happy Deepavali.

  2. hmmm post of profile pics? I expected some nature element too :(

  3. Thanks :)

    @Srinidhi: that's the standard expression
    @Mohan: Nature was in another post titled "flora". Remember the thumbs down for my photography?


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