Solan: An Unplanned Stopover

Toy train from Shimla to Kalka is pretty hyped and probably overrated. The specialty of this train is that it has 2-3 boogies and chugs real slow up and down the hill to Shimla. However, if you are looking for good natural scenery, a slow romantic journey through the mountains and tunnels, this is probably one journey I would give a thumbs up to.
 The toy train leaves from Shimla twice a day towards Kalka. We caught the train that left at 9 in the morning ad instead of taking a ticket all the way to Kalka which has arrival time of 4pm, we took ticket to Solan where the expected arrival of the Toy Train is 12 pm.
As I write this post, I listen to the very Shimal song "Yeh Ishq Hai" . Journey of this little 2 bogie train through mountain tunnels and Himalayan jungles was thrill to first timers like me. Meeting a bunch of Indian Army soldiers was another. Put in a Kannadiga soldier who spoke a understandable language and it all enough for a bunch of girls to start screaming in tunnels and hitting on the well behaved soldiers :)

Incidentally, Solan has the first or biggest Rum brewery in India. I didn't know that till after the trip, or I would have guaranteed a purchase to the land.
The travel mates on train 
Had the best Alu parantas in a local Sardar's dhaba for dirt cheap. Maybe the best transit lunch I had till date.

This little train station in Solan was so romantic and gave me a nostalgic feeling enough to relieve all my cut old years and possibly years ahead of me. 
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  1. This is a lovely blog Sneha, I love the way you describe the places and journeys. Your posts are really informative for those planning to visit those places. And those pictures are a treat to view :)

  2. Ello Sneha,
    Me and my theatre grup - Rebelz are comin out with a play in Alliance Francaise,Bengaluru over this weekend. Woud be great if you can make it..for more info do check my bog... cheers :)

  3. Very nice blog. These are the places i could not visit ...
    A wondeful place "Almora" (Uttarakhand State).. 90 km from Haldwani..reminds me ..after reading this..

    srinivas sistla

    sistla1 on twitter.

  4. Try Barog the next time, one can stay at the railway station itself, they rent rooms to the tourists. :D

  5. Good that you stopped over at this place...


  6. This is one journey i missed in my 3-4 visits to HP...

  7. @Lakshmi: incidentally happened to stop at Solan instead of continuing till Kalka.


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