A Walk in the Garden City

.. I mean, the Garden City of India. That is Bangalore or Namma Bengaluru.I have been to Lalbagh and Cubbon park, the 2 huge city center gardens in Bangalore. Decades after playing in Lalbagh, the legendary city garden in the city, I went again a couple of weeks back for a photo walk. 
 Most ideal for a morning walk of the middle class citizen, the old timer and the city lover.
When I chose English Garten as a part of my to-do list in Munich, little did I think what I would do walking a park in the middle of the town. But the beauty of old town unveils itself only in these places. I would never realize that Isar, the river which originate in the Alps flows through this garden.
Lalbagh is recommended to-do item for those who choose Bangalore as a part of their travel itinerary, for the beauty of the city and the old world charm of Bangalore lies in this branches of trees that line the paths in Lalbagh..
 Weekends are when the fountains are in operation in Government run parks. These are most frequented by tourists to the city.
Glass House is another legendary monument within Lalbagh. Famous for the annual flower show that happens every year, this sheltered area with its English architecture adds to the natural charm of the old garden crafted in the pre-independence times.

To Visit Lalbagh

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  1. Its been ages since I have been there... my uncle used to take me there when i used to visit blore as a kid... have never been back, since! nice pics.. reminded me of some wonderful memories which had taken a backseat!

  2. you didn't focus much on flowers? or will that be in another post?

  3. Hi Sneha,
    You have a wonderful blog with a lot of lovely pics and useful info. Keep tra-welling and keep blogging.



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