Rangantittu Bird Sanctuary, the getaway

Situated on the banks of Kaveri river, Rangantittu Bird Sanctuary houses all those rare species of bird that make a bird watcher's dream come true. The monsoon I visited, I was no bird watcher. Neither did I have a great camera to click away. Yet, couldn't help but admire how August rains made this park fresh green.
During mid monsoon, Kaveri river flows with full current and was overflowing at that point. Boating into the little tree islands is common to let tourists get a closer view of rare birds.

Boats anchored with no action

Bamboo shoots from the experimental photographer. Oh, I wish I could add some silly smileys at this intense photography sessions, picking on shoots, boats, water and the likes, when we had absolutely no clue how to use a camera.

To Reach: Rangantittu Bird Sanctuary is ~120 kms from Bangalore, ~10 kms from Mysore and best for day trips within south region of Karnataka.
Season: Monsoon onwards till end of year
Other activities: Surrounding attractions include Srirangapattana which has the for of Tipu Sultan, Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hills, KRS dam

As a last and special memoir of my visit to Rangantittu, I made this painting almost immediately after the visit


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