Travel Postcard: Mullayangiri

Shot on my trip to Chikmagalur, the Coffee Paradise of Karnataka, India.

Mullayangiri is the third highest peak in South India. The drive up to its foot hills is very scenic at 5 in the morning , watching the twilight-to-sunrise over the misty peaks. From the foot hills the trek is steep but over well cut steps. While fitness is not a must, everyone can enjoy the view of Western Ghats on the way up.
That's where I am off to now as well :)


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  2. I've passed through Chickmangalur several times.. next time need to pause and take a closer look

  3. nice shot sneha...had been there 2 years ago...there are loads of trekking options available. enjoy.


  4. @Shrinidhi: YOu should stop over and stay a few days if possible

    @Niranjan: I am not exactly a trekking person, though I am trying to be a bit fit these days. Hope to start off

    @Bhushavali: Excellent post on Tiruvayur

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  6. superb pictorial presentation.

  7. Beautiful shot, very picturesque.

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