Coming back to Hyderabad

I flew into Hyderabad's new airport yesterday. The nostalgia hit me even before we landed. Exactly 4 years back I had flown my first ever flight to this very city, except the airport was different.

The place I am staying at is Prakash Nagar, very close to a Devdi. Devdi, as it is pronounced, means a slum area inhabited by lower class predominantly Muslim population. Hyderabad itself is predominantly populated by Muslims. The language and dialect of my cousins here reminds of the movie "The Angrez". If you haven't watched it, I definitely recommend the movie. It is Sooooo Hyderabadi!

Irani Chai is also Hyderabadi. Especially if you have in the roadside tea stalls. But if you are a woman like me, you can go to Paradise (in the true sense for this city) hotel's bakery and get a Irani chai with Osmania biscuits and mini onion samosa. Later head to the restaurant upstairs for  Hyderabadi Biriyani. There are different bands for biriyani in Paradise: general, garden area, gold section and platinum section. Price increases and quantity decreases as you go up. That is Paradise's signature dish: biriyani.

The Art Scene in Hyderabad is good. Better than Bangalore. Banjara hills and Jublee hills have very good and high end art galleries. My paintings are on exhibit at Kala Nirvana in Bowenpally. Do visit if you are in Hyderabad.

Btw, when I entered Bottles and Chimneys later, I got photographed by a bunch of photographers. Hoping to see myself in page 3...


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  2. This is one city I would love to visit.


  3. Great!! would love to see u in the paper too... post a link to the article, pls..

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