Travel Postcard: Charminar, another view

In the heart of Old city of Hyderabad, Charminar claims to have originally been the Bhagyalakshmi temple. Thhe temple shares its walls with the entrance of Charminar proving the old story. The whole Hindu-Muslim peace scene in this part of old Hyderabad is amusing and makes you wanna give a thumbs up !


  1. A beautiful angle of the magnificent charminar..

  2. you got an interesting blog, like your previous post about Sikkim as well.
    I have taken a similar pic of char-minar in the night :)

  3. this is a nice view.. color of sky has been very complementing..

  4. If you have any knowledge of History you may not say this is a Temple..... If you can research about the Charminar you will come to know that it is the Masjid (Mosque)..........

  5. hello,
    this photo is awesome click short, and this place is heart of Old city of Hyderabad, Charminar. i like this place.
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