At the broadway

Sentosa is the first thing my father suggested as a weekend attraction in singapore. I didn't rebel.just accepted the idea. The many ways to reach sentosa island are: take the sky train from Harbour front or take a ferry or take the cable car or just walk the 400 meter stretch of beautifully lit broadway. In fact Vivocity mall provides the perfect promenade to the sentosa broadway. The mall is so vast and it's promenade restaurants so graviating that the plan to hot an island was just diminished by the time we finished a meal. We went to Vivocity both Saturday and Sunday and still didn't get past the mall to the island. The German restaurant chain Brotzeit had us hooked to good beer reminding M of Nuremberg days and me of my Munich visit. Needless to say Raddler and Weiss beer put up a strong fight. Period.


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