Singapore Eating: Ah Chew Desserts

One thing that I noticed in Singapore is people start and finish dinner real early. Typically I have seen locals gather for dinner from 5 pm onwards. The strangest part for me was eating places shutting down by 11 pm. Even on special days and weekend nights. And all of the city hangs out at bars and desserts joints late nights.

Fortunately, I live in one of the central areas and my street is very famous for spas, salons and eating places. That's how on return from a night out I stopped by Ah Chew Desserts, very local desserts, very Singaporean maybe.

Sago is a flower and these are mixed with milk and fruits. Some desserts looked and sounded strange, even on the menu. Sago dessert was more like the Indisn Falooda and tasted well fir my dessert craving.


  1. It is good that people finish their dinner early. It is actually a good practise. Nice to know this..


  2. Ah howz it going in Spore?


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