Singapore, I have arrived!

Singapore is friendly and very inviting. Thats pretty much the only thought I had when I arrived here. For starters the country didn't even ask for my passport to issue a visa.

In-principal letter
Singapore visa application needs to be sent online to the MOM (Ministry of Manpower) and they send an approval letter. In most cases the approval takes upto a week and mine took lesser. The approval letter contains a One way journey Visa to Singapore. When you enter,you need to get your passport stamped within a time frame. Simple?
Immigrations in India and Singapore are really simple with this Approval letter. This is obviously a powerful letter to travel with.

The first timer like me only has to search up Singapore internal travel and the SMRT website gives every bit of information including subway/ metro and bus stations near your destinations, bus stands, taxi fares and also tourist places. Coming from Bangalore where the Auto rickshaws/ tuk tuk has their say in the destination, I was surprised at how professional the tax drivers can be, metered taxi fare which is not rigged (not in my experience as YET) and the minimal fare you pay for all this.

To me, this place felt very developed, not in the least like any other Asian metro I have seen. Like M puts it, Singapore is the perfect blend of First world and Third world. It has been a great city so far. Tanjong Pagar where I am currently put up is a posh downtown with only offices around and really close to the Harbour.

.. coming up .. Sentosa


  1. So Singapore it is ! :-)

    Did you notice that they have sign boards in 3 languages ? And one of them is Tamil ? :)

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  3. thats wonderful..Happy traveling sneha..Waiting for sentosa..

  4. Just out of curiosity... what are you in Singapore for? Job? Education? Anyway, sounds interesting! I'm hoping to find work in Singapore one of these days...


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