Bhagsu Talaab

Much as it looks like a well maintained and chlorinated swimming pool, the talaab (meaning lake) is a historical monument in the Bhagsu Nag area of Dharamsala. This lake is next to the Bhagsu Nag temple which is a very sacred deity for the locals and tourists., and actually maintained well by the local authorities for the disciples to use talaab water for prayer and bathing. 

How to get there
Take the daily flight from Delhi to Kangra,
a taxi from Kangra to Dharamsala
and continue the same taxi to Bhagsu area (yes, 3 step journey)

Take the overnight bus from Delhi to Dharamsala
and taxi from Dharamsala to Bhagsu (2 step journey)

What I like
Under the clear winter sky, the water shines a crystal blue and you also get free view of the Himalayas. Btw, every room in the Bhagsu area has a balcony opening up to the beautiful Himalayan ranges, unless you particularly chose a room turning to another room or whatever...


  1. Interesting! it does indeed look like a swimming pool against a beautiful backdrop!

  2. yes Anu, thats the first feeling i got as well. seems like a swimming pool


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