Singapore Eating: For the weekenders

Oriole Cafe and bar
First of all, any new comer to Singapore is directed to Orchard for the weekend. It's not for nothing. Orchard road in Singapore is like the M.G road of the Indian metro. Somerset 313 is the venue and this is like a cross of a mall and square. So there is the air con parts as well as the open air parts. Back to Oriole, i like the sparkling wine, good margarita, pizza and the live music on weekends.

Tangerine In Holland
I liked the crowd and fried starters here. Outdoor cafes are becoming more and more favs for me for the evenings.
Holland road is the other hot spot here in Singapore. Called so because the island was earlier a Dutch colony and the holland road apparently got it's name from the earlier resident who was a Hollander :D
Places to eat are plenty and choice of cuisine as well. Weekend crowd starts early on Fridays, mostly because the last food order is around 10.30-11pm. But the spirits and music flow on..

Serenity on the promenade
Vicinity mall at he Harbour front just became my best spot during the week I arrived. And I give it totally to the location at harbor front, very well fine promenade, nice view of Sentosa island, the latest broadway walk to Sentosa and brownie points for the fireworks display from Sentosa!


  1. You seem to be having a gala time there. Enjoy.


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