How the spending power continues to drive me crazy

So my story begins with arriving in Singapore and taking the first few walks around the malls. I felt so amazed at the footwear scene in Singapore. The teenager in me hasn't grown up in all these years of adulthood, alright! Then it wa just observing how many people ate out on weekdays and weekends. Then how much people shopped. It was as if every person ( not every second or every third person) who passed me in this little dense island had a big shopping bag in his/her hand. Mind you, I am comic from India and yet call Singapore dense. That's how many people shopped and how often they shopped. Every store I walk into has a good number of people checking out clothes,shoes, electronics, cosmetics, sports items and just about the same number of buyers.

The first week in Singapore, I jut blinked at the spenders or buyers or the great consumers. Second week I slowly spent cash, cautiously if I may add. my third week onwards I spent a bit more like a local in an attempt to feel like a local. And then I got my credit card and swiped away.

Like any other insane spender in any other part of the world except Singapore, I freaked out at the expenses at the end of the month. I just remember my aunt from Bay Area exclaiming repeatedly "duddu surudhogta ide" in India. Meaning the money is just flowing jn India. Oh! I want to correct her. It's Asia!!!!


  1. Like we both said- it is like the money is growing on trees!!! So many things and so little time to buy it all ...oh my!!

  2. I'd correct it back to *India* :) Compared to the inequality one sees in other Asian countries are not so rich or better off than their Asian counterparts ( not including China which is severely skewed in the -ve mind u)

    I think as Indians we have still not overcome our guilt on *spending*. Some of us momentarily do, but the guilt comes dodging us, as soon as our limits are crossed:)

    Anyways- happy travelling:)!

  3. Singapore is one big shopping mall.!


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