Singapore Eating: a swiss basement,

The title is to set the background of this post. Because that's not what I am writing about. Marche is a basement restaurant with the ambiance of a swiss underground market-and-kitchen. The wooden deco with islands of vegetables gives its first market look.
 And then, when you look around, there are many more of those islands which are not just vegetable islands but soup, juice, wine, rosti, crepe, pizza and dessert islands. Crepes are good, so are the fresh juices and soups, but pizza.,,, hmmm.....
Lots of other fun stuff. The wooden deco makes up for bad pizza. But we are not just even. It is order and pick. So no service charge :)
Another funny part of Marche, the toilets. this 3 dimensional window is right behind the pot. With those swiss sheep peeping at you as you relieve yourself, you could generally have a nice time at dinner. Or even catch their daily lunch


  1. oh i miss the crepes! enjoyed them while we were in france. especially in the south of france, they have some delicious crepes, with seafood and other ingredients... :D

  2. Dear Sneo
    Thank you for your comment. We are happy to hear that you like our concept and the decor. Sorry about the pizza, which is normally quite popular amongst our guests.
    We look forward to welcoming you soon again!
    Kind regards
    Nicole from Marché International HQ


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