Singapore Biennale 2011

The biggest Art show this year in Singapore just began with an open house last weekend. Biennale is on till May 15 and is showcasing contemporary artists. I missed the open house weekend but was just about lucky to barge in before closing hours at National Art Gallery, Singapore.

Biennale happens at venues with SAM being one of them and though SAM wasn't open when I walked by, the entrance was a piece of art by itself. Most new places here in Singapore have innovative decos.

The theme of the galleries I visited was Earth & Water. Mixed media, as always, wins my heart.
The thing with contemporary art is I never know where it starts in time. For sure, it is different from the conventional art and reproductions I do. But each time I catch up on contemporary art, I am either confused at the theme or in awe for the artist. Just two expressions!


  1. Good- now I found YOU! :) Thanks for the great time- wish we had more time!! Love this blog and will be adding it to my blog roll now.

    Interesting that the Singapore Art Museum is 'SAM'- that is what the Seattle Art Museum is too :)...see another reason you need to come our way!!

  2. Contemporary art is always interesting n different too :)


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