Volunteering outside Homeland

When you have nothing much to do and are looking for purpose in life, volunteering can help to a large extent. I was flown comfortably to Singapore, housed in a premium serviced apartment in the heart of the central business district, had the restaurants/ malls to my spenders mercy and yet I felt the need to do something useful out of my life. Then I looked up volunteering on SGcares website. I signed up for a mural painting activity for SCWO (Singapore Council for Women’s Organizations) through SGcares. Here’s the combined efforts of 12 volunteers.

Volunteers cover up all surroundings and get to work

yeah! that's almost done
Happy set of volunteers at the end of day's play!


  1. Till last picture I was looking for you & then you were there. :)

    It's so amazing to see how quickly you've settled down in a new place.

  2. @Nisha @Ankush: thanks :)

    I am settled in fairly well.. have lots of free time. hope to put up some paintings soon

  3. Volunteering sure does take focus off our own troubles. We get to realize that there is joy in improving the lives of others.
    You and the other volunteers did a very good job :)

  4. chennai n blr walls are also being painted like this/...

  5. @Shrinidhi: I know. I ve seen Bagalore walls. The Lalbagh walls are more like Karnataka's heritage and realistic art work. If I remember right, Mekhri circle underpass has some abstract murals. thats pretty catchy!

  6. this is lovely, and Thanx a Lot for the lovely suggestions, i'd sure try that soon :)

  7. How wonderful to see the project you were telling me about!!!! Excellent!!!

  8. Glad to see your efforts come alive:) I work in an allied space- we do communication work as specialists for NGO's- so its very gratifying to see volunteering by you, in such +ve abandon:)


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