Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

How is it to have a huge nature reserve right in the middle of a city? That's exactly what you will find here. Bukit Timah nature reserve is in the middle of country of Singapore and a well justified nature reserve.  
 For people who live outside the central business district and mostly on the residential areas, this nature reserve is driveable in less than half hour and serves well to take a morning walk or weekend training. The Sunday that I visited Bukit Timah, it was almost 5.30 pm and the nature reserve closes at 6 pm. But I was amazed at the walking circuits for all difficulty levels and all time preferences, from 30 minute walk to two and half hour walk.
It doesn't get dark in Singapore till 7.30pm but Bukit Timah nature reserve closes by 6 because the nature reserve in this part of the world is a tropical rain forest, which means the sunlight rarely penetrates to the ground even in broad daylight leaving lesser visibility for walkers.
Whether you live in Singapore, long term or short term; or you are visiting Singapore, I would suggest a few hours for Bukit Timah nature reserve, simple because of all the good a pure nature walk can do to you in the middle of fast paced life.

To get there:
Buses run from any part of the central business district to Bukit Timah.
You can also take a taxi and despite the slight distance, the fares are not too high as this is outside the business district.

It might not be a good idea to picnic in the nature reserve. I didn't see any litter at all through my half hour walk circuit. So please don't carry snacks or litter.

Happy Walking!


  1. Will check this out , when we venture to Singapore . Thanks for sharing

  2. We should have gone there instead of me trying to take you to the non existent orchid gardens!! :)

  3. @team G square: let me know if you guys are visiting Singapore. Migrate e able to help out
    @anjuli: I know. We could have enjoyed a walk and talk there :)

  4. Is this a naturally formed one? I heard Singapore generally does not have such natural resources and is quite rocky..



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