Eagle feeding in Langkawi

Some of the easier things to do in Langkawi is includes the Island hopping tour. Many tour operators conduct this and the itinerary is fixed. 3 items at 25 MYR: Island of the Pregnant Maiden, Eagle Feeding and Beras Basah island. 
 Every boat passes by this cove and the boat guy throws chicken skin into water. Eagles from nearby trees fly down, pick them up and this is amusement to all tourists. Aah! I don't know why eagle feeding got included in the itinerary but apparently people seem to enjoy the closer sight of eagles.  
 For another 10 MYR the boat guy tries to sell you a "fish feeding at a floating fish farm". All boats stop at this deck in the middle of the sea and there are T shaped decks that are covered by jute to protect the fish farm from people who don't pay. If you pay 10 MYR you get under the jute shelter and some fish food to feed the tropical fish.

Island hopping is fun for a half day. I figured it was the speed boat rental and fuel that we paid for to get to 2 islands but the sight of deep blue sea and tiny tropical islands of green amidst them was all for free :) Just to get near those and enjoy the white sand, you have to pay!


  1. Interesting info. I plan to visit Langkawi sometime in the near future. Hoppe all this would help me.


  2. wonderful pics , boat rides are always interesting and amazing .

  3. great pics! Did you get seasick at all with the small boat?


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