Half Moon beach in India

.. is in Gokarna. For a place like Gokarna where most people descend to from Goa to escape the crowd and be on a peaceful beach, Half Moon beach is still less popular with a majority of travelers. Gokarna is popular for 2 beaches: Om beach and Kudle beach. Occasionally, there are travelers who would take a boat to the Paradise beach which is 3 hops away from Kudle beach and 2 hops away from Om. Half Moon beach is a trek away from Om beach down south and before Paradise beach. There are hardly any guest houses in comparison with the number of shacks that cover the entire coastline along Kudle and Om beaches. But the 4-5 shacks on Half Moon beach are basic and restaurant attached to them is also basic. No fancy music or cute lamp shades in the evenings, just family run places with stone benches for tables and healthy vegetarian meals. You might also get cereals and basic western food.

As walk south from Om beach and climb up the cliff, the OM shape or 3 shape gets clearer. Even better to enjoy the view on a clear morning.
Up the cliff, the path to Half Moon beach is not very clearly marked like the path from Kudle beach to Om beach. The forest is thicker and walking paths can only be recognized by the usage. No sign boards and no painted rocks. The walk is easily over a kilometer.
Basic guest house on Half Moon beach. Guests were enjoying a western breakfast of toast, eggs and milk coffee. The place has a fridge to cool bottled drinks but thats probably about the luxury you could expect. 

Half Moon beach is so devoid of people that there were a few nude bathers when I trekked down the cliff into the beach. Local beach bums who operate boats to beaches were checking out the topless western women bathers, needless to say.

Getting to Half Moon beach:
Take a boat operated by locals from either the Gokarna town beach, Kudle beach or Om beach. You could also take the boat to Paradise beach.
Walk. The best way to enjoy the beach and sea breeze all through your walk. The best time to walk is early morning or late evenings because during the day, sun can be harsh. Carry lots of water if you are walking.

The shacks serve basic food though they have really fancy menu cards. A good idea would be to stick to the likes of toast, eggs, cola, fruit juice if you are staying long.

As there are really few shacks/ guest houses on Half Moon beach, the rent would be lesser than room rent on Kudle beach or Om beach, maybe upto 300 rupees. Check out the facilities before you get high on the low price. I would still suggest stay on Kudle beach or Om beach. 


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  2. Woww...you took me back to Gokarna... Half moon beach is totally secluded. When i went, there were not even a single shack.. Just a couple of bikni clad firangis... The best place to get lost within yourself.


  3. Nice photos and an interesting place indeed!


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