Penguins in the tropics? Yes, seriously...

That's how I reacted to the idea of tropical penguins I saw at the Singapore Zoo. I had only associated penguins with Antarctica and suddenly I saw them, in the most likely of places. The tropics! 

African Penguins hanging out in groups in the tropical rain forests of Singapore

In Singapore Zoo I found the African Penguins. All hanging out in large groups. Though I couldn't quite spot the "breeding in colonies" part of penguins, I could still see the sheltered area where there were penguin nests and mama penguins were sitting with their eggs.

Rockhopper Penguins, with yellow feathers on their ears
 At the Underwater World in Langkawi, I spotted more African penguins along with Rockhopper Penguins. These have pretty yellow feathers over their ears. Trust me, I am not a animal and birds person yet I cant help but adore these marine birds when I see them for the first time. Add to it, the most unlikely place, the tropics :)

How cool is that job to feed these well behaved kids?

Maybe it is to do with the zoo environment but mostly penguins are not under any specific harm humans and do not really fear humans. They love to play around with the zoo keeps who come to feed them twice a day.


  1. its like from the movie happy feet... amazing..

  2. So great that you got to see that at the zoo!! I'm smiling just thinking of it.


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