Round country trip in a day

You dont get to do these everyday ofcourse. Yesterday happened to be my second day alone in the island since M left for work trip. I decided to have a little picnic by myself to the zoo and left in the afternoon with chocolates and redbull packed with my camera. Let's say I live in the south east of the city and the zoo is on the north west, diagonally opposite. Yes! I got my directions right.
Starting at 1.30 I'm the afternoon gave me no advantage to sit my way  to the zoo.
Bugis -> Jurong East ... Going east
This was my official trip to the beginning of North-South line in Singapore and to note, after a few stops underground in the central business district the smrt ( as the Singapore metro train is called) emerges out in the sun. And it was all residential area from then on, in the suburbs of Singapore.

Choa Chu Kang was an interchange area where I took the bus to Singapore Zoo. My zoo tales are coming up in another post. 

After the zoo visit, I had to pick up a friend and go to Little India. So much packed into a single day, sigh! Back to Choa Chu Kang in the bus and continue journey up north where I picked him at Woodlands/ Sembavang. Now this is the top tip of Singapore Island. Anyone going to Malaysia by road (yes, you need to cross a bridge to get off the island) gets off here. But we continued all the way to second last stop or so and then took another metro route to Little India which is almost south east of the Island, thus completing my east-north-west-south route around the little Island country of Singapore.

that's my route. I know, I drew better maps earlier :)
PS: I didn't hit the end poles of the Island. A circle was a circle enough for a day's travel :)


  1. Nice to know that you have started your lonely explorations in a foreign land.

  2. Wow- You made it to the zoo!!! I can't wait to hear your updates on the zoo visit itself. I'm glad that this trip to the North west was better than your last bus ride out there :)

    You are doing well my dear!!


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