Songkran, the water festival

Thailand welcomes new year with water. Isn't that cool? Songkran is the Thai New Year. Most countries in Asia follow the Lunar calendar and every community has its unique start of new year around March-April. Songkran is the festival of water. To welcome the new year, the Thai's have a water festival where pretty much the young crowd goes wild celebrating in water for 3 days of unlimited fun. This year, Songkran is from April 13-15. It is big in Bangkok, Chaing Mai and a few other places. 
However, Songkran is not only the Thai new year but also for other Buddhist communities like the Burmese Buddhists. Here's an invite I got at the Burmese Buddha temple in Penang

Celebrate the new year with locals. Have Fun!
Respect local culture and protect the environment


  1. Thats an interesting piece of info.

  2. few more pics will make it more interesting .

  3. @Team G Square: I would have loved to put up more pics. But I wasn't there in Thailand to enjoy :( Just saw the posters to the festival

  4. everyone has a way of welcoming new year :)

    Nice capture..


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