Bandar Utama

Bandar Utama area is in Selangor district. Since my destination was supposed to be Kuala Lumpur , I was confused with what marked the boundary between KL and Selangor and even the locals are a bit confused. But Selangor seems to be the residential suburbs of KL and justifiably so.
A view from my hotel room shows me the main tolled highway which is used at all times of the day, especially in the peak hours by residents to commute to KL city. Just outside this frame is 1Utama, the largest shopping center in KL. But what amuses me is the natural component in this scene. Lots of trees, hills/ mountains not too far in the background and the well structured row houses to the right end, each with a garden and dedicated carpark. Ofcourse, I'd love to move into any of those :)


  1. i agree - the frame is very green for an urban landscape

  2. What always amazes me when I go to KL is the way people shop NON stop day and night!! ha ha! The natural past time it seems.

  3. @Anjuli: same as Singapore. everyone's shopping non stop


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