Day trip to Genting Highlands

Any trip organizer to Malaysia would choose to include Genting Highlands on the itinerary. Why not? It is one of the popular destinations for a quick escape from the tropical heat in Kuala Lumpur. About an hour's drive uphill from KL city center, Genting highlands is more popular for the casinos and amusement parks up the mountain. 
Tour operators have buses full of people heading uphill. We hired a taxi for 100 RM. Damn sure we got duped. If you are smart, you bargain a price with the taxi driver. On the way to the top, the taxi driver stopped us at a Chocolates boutique. There is a good variety for first timer to boutique chocolate shops. If you have already eaten swiss speciality or the like, I would suggest give it a miss.

Hotels and Rooms 
We landed on a saturday in the hope of a walkin hotel room and it felt like a market up there. There is probably no concept of budget hotels and luxury hotels. It all seems luxury. First World hotel in Genting highlands supposedly has 4000 rooms. That's the first time I heard of a number so big. And was more surprised when the hotel was booked out for the weekend! There are touts approaching people with rooms they have booked in bulk. But these rooms have prepaid key cards and it gets tricky to know if it is loaded for the length of your stay or not. It was easier for us to reject them on moral grounds. Like any moral exists in tourist places...

If that ever happens to you, fret not. Sit down in a cafe like we did, have coffee and snacks and make a plan! It might be a good idea to check in your luggage with the hotel concierge for a couple of hours. They might even oblige you because they couldn't give you a room. I would say, its just the power of asking :)
Amusement parks are good. Especially when you have all day to enjoy. Genting has an outdoor amusement park and indoor amusement park. Outdoor park sells day pass which allows you unlimited rides. But again on weekends, the queue spans half hour for a 3 minute ride. So, if you are not traveling with kids, you can give this a miss too.
Indoor amusement park in Genting highlands was a new idea to me. But this was a combinations of casinos, malls and amusement park. The entry is also not by an overpriced day pass. You can pay per ride.

Sky Car  
This was the best part of Genting highlands for me. The sky car rides all the way downhill from Genting highlands. It costs about 5 RM per person and view of rain forests is amazing. Better if you take the sky car at sunset like we did.
You can get a bus ride into the city or take a taxi. Most buses are booked and tickets sold out on weekends. But taxis are willing to negotiate. Taxis know they are the only means for you to get back to KL and thats how far they will bargain!


  1. ah so you have been to Genting! You have some great suggestions for what you need to do...or not do! You are certainly getting to see all the sights there in South East Asia!

  2. I loved that coloured building in the first pic. Isnt that a hotel?


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