Day trip to Pulau Ubin Island

Less than an hour away from Singapore city
is Pulau ubin island, belonging to the country of Singapore. And it is an uninhabited island except for the small shops selling coconut water, soft drinks, renting bicycles and a couple of resorts. That's what invites Singaporeans to bring along a tent and pitch it up in any of the designated camping sites to spend the weekend or just take the ferry for a day trip of cycling around the island.

Getting there
  • Take the public transport (bus/ mrt) to Tanah Merah interchange. 
  • From Tanah Merah, you can wait for a bus to the Ferry Terminal or take a taxi costing ~S$ 7. There are 2 ferry terminals: one for overseas and one local. This is the local ferry terminal.
  • The ferry to Pulau Ubin costs S$4 per person/ way. 

Things to do
  • Rent a bicycle for S$10 and follow the biking trail. You cannot get lost. The island is small and trails are marked every 100 meters.
  • Pitch a tent, barbeque your own food and chill the weekend.
  • Rent a mountain bike if you are ready to challenge your fitness level and bike up the hill.
  • Click away! Good place for photography. 


  1. Nice place..

  2. great pics!!! Can't believe how Pulau Ubin has been built up since I was last there...camping in the old days :)


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