Dear Petronas

I came to Kuala Lumpur to see you. And when I saw you, I felt good. I went in much later and realized you were a mall inside. A long underground tunnel of shops and restaurants and everyone shopping and eating nonstop. How do people manage to do that?


  1. Well captured. Nice angle.

  2. You have gotten a great shot of the towers here- they are amazing aren't they? The inside is just so complex- and people people people everywhere!

  3. all of petronas is a shopping mall? thats incredible!

    nice picture, especially with the background u managed

  4. @Sandeep: not all of Petronas is a shopping mall. the higher floors house some top brand offices. lower stories are for consumer shopping.
    Btw, the sky background or my photography background?

  5. So, could you go up the skybridge too? Yeah, I know how confusing this could be. First time it took me around 40 minutes to find the way to skybridge. :)

    @Niranjan & Sandeep:
    Here are some more shots of Petronas. :)


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