Do you need that Visa?

Then, you should visit the Visa God. A good one hour drive from the city of Hyderabad is the Chilkur Balaji temple which is also famous as Visa Balaji. Any day of the week this temple would be crowded with devotees who come for blessings from all parts of Andhra Pradesh. Visa Balaji is popular with the students aspiring to study abroad as the Visa granting God. With the students who prepare for exams, he is the God who grants a pass. These students can be seen offering pens, pencils and books to the God.
The temple is suitable for devotees and visitors from anywhere in the world. A head priest continuously talks in the microphone about the temple, its legend and devotion to Chilkur Balaji. He repeats in Telgu, Hindi and English for everyone to understand. I liked this part. But what I liked more was the fact that he  says you cannot bribe the God or offer anything to Lord Balaji to get anything from him because Lord Balaji is the one who grants and you are the receiver. It made sense to me and I suppose thats what keeps  the faith. The fact that God is the unconditional power who loves and gives.

To get there: The temple is 1 hour drive from Hyderabad. There aren't too many buses with frequency and most visitors use private vehicles. So it is a good idea to hire car and driver for your visit.
Eat: There are small restaurants and tea shops selling bottled water and cool drinks but not many good places to eat. 
Time: Check the timings of the temple 
Buy : You can buy photos, talismans of Chilkur Balaji and beaded necklaces as souvenirs
Free: Blessings and maybe Visa!


  1. Now this is one temple that give a tough competition to the bullet temple where the deity is a ROYAL ENFIELD.

  2. specific temples for visa and royal enfield!

  3. What intriguing information. I also like the fact that you can't bribe God- if you could, then God would be pretty 'small minded' wouldn't He be? :)

  4. :) I had heard about it from my brother a while back ... May be I should pay the temple a visit :)

  5. This is a very interesting information...



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