Island of the Pregnant Maiden

Yeah, thats the name of an island in the Langkawi sea. The sight of a pregnant maiden from the sea as your boat approaches the island is below. The tallest bulge is the pregnant belly. Wait..
If that's what you see from the sea, then
the sight from the island is below.
Wonder what the green water body is? Fresh water lake in the middle of the island. I was so impressed with this fresh water lake. It seemed so exotic to me and just out of movies. IT also had many decks for people to walk on and jump and also get into peddle boats. Wait, just before I could jump in for a swim, peddle boats and swimming in the same water didn't go down too well with me. Just a personal opinion. But lots of people enjoyed their dip in the fresh water. You can also put your feet in the water and enjoy fish massage, ofcourse if your feet are too dirty or crumby.
Another trivia that surrounds this lake is the story of the Pregnant Maiden. In addition to the story of a maiden who got pregnant, the water is supposed to bestow fertility on women who swim in it or drink the water.

Getting to the island
The cheapest and easiest way is to go along with an Island Hopping tour. This island will definitely be covered. It would be ~25-30 RM for a half day tour.

Eating/ Shopping
There are a couple of shops on the lake deck selling swim wear, hats, snacks, drinks and souvenirs. But the garbage disposal doesn't seem very efficient. I would suggest you bring back your waste to mainland.


  1. I like how you threw in the last bit about how women can get pregnant if they swim in it or drink it- so I know you didn't swim in it...but did you drink it?? :) Great pics!!! I tell you- I'm envious of all the great fun you are having!

  2. This looks like a beautiful pregnant woman. Beautiful place.

  3. lovely island and the natural pool :)


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