Agenda for City Sightseeing

I met a few visitors/ tourists to Singapore over the last few months since a moved here. They were friends and family from different generations. But there seemed to be a thing in common. City Sight seeing. I hadn't really hit the destinations they had on their agenda because moving into a place is different from sight seeing and I was the former. 

Singapore Botanical Gardens is one of the items on Singapore sight seeing agenda. I only visited the gardens last week because I was bored to run on the treadmill. By all means, this is a great spot. Sort of reminded me of Hide Park in London, with all its artificial hilly lawns and the lake with swans. 
A part of the running track spans over the amphitheater. This is a real good idea to have an amphitheater in the middle of a public park. There is also a small section of the Orchid gardens in the park (Orchid gardens was initially in the Mandai lake area near Singapore Zoo). All this just reminded me of Lal Bagh  Gardens in Bangalore. A huge garden, bang in the middle of the city, some sight seers, rare walkers and some moral policing to stop couples making love. Ofcourse, Singapore had a good percentage of walkers and runners. Something Lal Bagh can get a share of.


  1. I'm laughing so hard- so you found the orchid gardens!! Remember our 'adventure' trying to find it?? ha ha!! I didn't realize I had pneumonia- thankfully I didn't pass it on to you- no wonder I felt so weak and sick that day!!

    I always loved the Botanical gardens...I used it as the backdrop for many a family picture:)

  2. Nice one. so you have moved to Singapore?



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