Jungle in Sentosa: Go Eco tourism!

Singapore does it again! For the tiny little dot it is on the world map, Singapore has come a long way with economically with excelling government and enterprising people. But what struck me this time was the awareness to conserve the rain forest despite the ever increasing population and its demands. On a recent trip to Sentosa, I noticed Nature Walk as a tourist attraction amidst the amusement park rides. So I skipped going up a manmade tower to take the nature walk. It was indeed a well laid out trail for walkers  with small stopover points to rest and little waterfall attractions.

Mount Imbiah and Imbiah waterfalls, another little manmade/ conserved natural spot. Scenic and feels worth the kilometer long walk in the middle of an island that is completely devoted to amusement parks and tourism.
Me Says:
--> Visit Sentosa island. Enjoy the amusement park and the beach bars. 
--> But, skip a ride to take this nature walk.
--> No Regrets. Great Views. Happy!


  1. Did you get a chance to see the museum? The nature walk is great- one thing I always appreciated about Lee Kwan Yew was that he drilled into everyone- if one tree is removed- two trees have to be planted to make up for that- I believe that is why Singapore has retained it's 'green ness' despite the city.


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