MacRitchie Reservoir Park

If a pink bougainvillea lined pathway is your thing for a morning or evening walk/ jog, read on. Mac Ritchie reservoir park is on Lornie road in Singapore; a nature park for residents and a to-do attraction for visitors. 

One of the things I could appreciate about MacRitchie is the the number of trails they have a lined out for walkers/ runners. Being the fist timer, I chose Petai trail. Simple 3 km stretch outlining the reservoir water body. 
On areas that are marshes or no too hard for walking, there is a wooden deck along the entire stretch. Some areas have a gravel path though. 

 For ups-and-downs, there are steps. And for photography, there is the lake. Once you are done with your walk, there is Mushroom cafe to have a bite.

They have a designated fishing zone too. The fish I saw were pretty huge. not sure if those were ready to be fished out. If you reach earlier than 5pm, there is kayaking in the lake.

It is a free entry park. All activities are green, no carbon foot prints left behind for walking, fishing or kayaking., yeah! maybe for eating in the cafe. I would pick this for a good half day on a weekend. Would you stretch those legs?


  1. This particular Reservoir Park has great memories- my hubby and I used to walk through here and talk and talk and talk :)...definitely a wonderful place.

  2. Like that wodden pathway.
    Nice pics.


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