Pre Travel Checklist

So what happens when you just completed your pipeline of travels? Ofcourse, I would feel happy, satisfied,check off on my bucket list, and bask in the glory. Then realize that new plans have to begin because there is no more travel planned. this one disturbs me when I have no travels coming up. Here's what I do:

  • dig out my list of places, maybe add some.
  • browse my favorite budget airline websites for those killer fares. Everyday. So I am sure of not missing out.
  • sometimes just check fares to random places, even thenones not on my list but on the airline website. This is the most fun part of pre planning travels. Starting from an unknown destination.
  • look around for hotel/ accommodation deals in the places on my list and random places. This is a driving force because if I get a killer deal for stay then extra bucks for ticket won't hurt me as much. Or atleast that's what I like to think
  • read up random places in wiki travel, trip advisor, travel blogs. This part helps me make tentative itinerary. It is my inspiring force.
  • but never start planning with a fixed budget. It will suck out all the fun travel. Know the ballpark in your subconscious as damage control, that's ok.
  • have fun planning, jotting places, scribbling itineraries and just planning. That's the best fun of the game!

So what else would you add on the pre plan checklist?