Bintan Island: Beach, Food and Surfing

Wonder why this wasn't my very first trip after arriving in Singapore. Bintan island is in Indonesia and just a 45 minute ferry ride form Singapore. The island has mostly been a fishing village and over the recent years developed as a resorts hub attracting tourists mostly from nearby mainlands. Not sure of which other places people come to Bintan for holiday, but Singapore seems to be the main tourist feeder.

The ease of holiday includes just hopping on a ferry at Tanah Merah ferry terminal for 30 SGD one way. Ok, that's not cheap, agreed. The resort we booked was beach facing. Though the concept of beach in these parts of Asia is not exactly what I have seen back in India with big waves., there is clean white sand, in some cases turquoise water and no waves ever. Here in Bintan, the beach lacked its white sands as well. But the resort made an effort to create an artificial beach volleyball court with white sand. So I give them extra brownie points.

Though Bintan resorts are pretty expensive, for the neighboring Singapore standards, these are far cheaper holiday options. A weekend package usually has lunch on arrival, dinner and next day's breakfast. Alternatively, you can choose a room of your choice, which would be room+breakfast like any other resort. The good part in this resort is a floating restaurant about 200 meters in the sea. And spa rooms lining the way. How about a spa session in the middle of the sea?  And some kite boarding, kayaking and banana boat rides on saturday afternoons polished down with cocktails on a floating restaurant?


  1. Have heard a lot about this island. Seems like a nice place.


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