Hideaway Holiday

So, if you were to head to Bali, the famous and exotic place where everyone else heads to holiday, what would you rather do? Be amidst thousands of other tourists like yourself or choose a hideaway? My answer is the latter and thats precisely what I did to completely rejuvenate myself and spend some quality time with me, myself and the nature.

Payangan is a village about 30 kms off Ubud. The Payangan Hideaway is the resort I chose to cut off the rest of the touristy world and be amidst rice fields, small town Balinese, farmers and kids. Inside the resort is a prefect getaway for anyone who wants to use a swimming pool or sun bathe, with the view of typical Balinese terraces. Arguably, this was one of my very best holidays and I would gladly check off Bali with a 9/10 rating. The other point is for an extra hour's drive as the landslide caused just a week before I visited.

swimming pool facing rice terraces
For decades, the place has become famous with Western tourists for its rock bottom prices for premium treatment and luxury stay. Bali is a tourist revenue hub now, prices are bound to shoot up, cause cut-throat competition and shoot down. In the middle of all this, how would a first time traveler really be wary of the less than heaven treatment and facilities that resorts provide. I am not fussy. Having been a budget traveler all life, I expected to pay as much and yet get the luxury I have dreamed of. Where else could I get this kind of cottage with manicured exteriors and delicate interiors?  
 And icing on cake was this gondola which served as a natural elevator for the ramped hilly area that the resort was situated in. Extra brownie points. But it can just freak you out if you look at the vast emptiness ahead or are going down alone at dark.

 The downside of course was distance. Though the resort provides airport shuttle, drop and pick up to Ubud several times a day, this can be a little inconvinient if you want to just take a walk to the town and come back for a siesta. After all, you are on holiday and you want to do what you like to do.

The view from my room was just the image of Bali I had in mind many years ago. The tranquil countryside with lots of green, rice terraces and a culture closest to India. 

PS: This is not a paid review for the resort. Just my feelings. You can find the resort http://www.payangan-hideaway.com/


  1. I have been to bali and loved it...even the touristy places...somehow they lend it a feel of holiday...coz everyone's there to laze and relax and do their own thing!!


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