Siem Reap, the city beyond Angkor

Siem Reap international airport is the closest you can fly to if you are visiting the temples of Angkor. Though temples of Angkor are catching up as a must-see destination on a trip to south east Asia, the number of flights are very few and expensive as well. Most people would rather take an overnight bus rode from Vietnam or Thailand. However, if you already arrived to SR in the hope of seeing only the Angkor temples, even before you get to Angkor, there's something in Siem Reap for you. Previously a French quarter, Cambodia has amused me since i arrived. US dollar is an accepted currency along with their own Cambodian Reil. The hotels in SR are amazing. For a mere 40 USD you can stay 4 star and eat and drink to your heart's content at the hotel lounge at 4 dollars a drink. Cambodian people are mire amusing. They all speak very good English. And some speak other international languages too. For instance, an old Spanish bunch sat at the next table and were confused with the menu. The waitress called a uniformed hotel staff and he spoke fluent Spanish with them. (I know he was good because I learnt basic Spanish and I suck). Anyway, that was a Wow!

SR has a small town feeling with an old market and a little neighborhood of night market, noon market, spa and a pub street catering mostly to Western tourists. The pub street has a good collection of side walk cafes, bars and restaurants. You can checkout the traditional Khmer cuisine cooking classes (for $10)  or a free performance of the traditional Cambodian dance while you wind up after a long day at the temples. the general ambiance of this area is similar to that of Goa or Dharamsala back in India. Cafes and accommodation catering to predominantly Western tourists, backpackers and flashpackers alike. They love your dollars and are happy to serve you at a cost you can't dream of in your own country.

The other thing is spa and massages. For as little as 3USD you pedicure your feet and get a great foot massage at 2 USD. You can't even imagine anyone touching your feet at that price back home.  when All you wanted was just the Angkor and it history, doesn't this sound like a steal?


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