Jogja town and Parangtritis beach

Java in Indonesia surprised me in most aspects that I wasn't even prepared to be. When we planned a trip to Jogja (or Yogyakarta), just a few kilometers from the Indian ocean is Jogja, known for 2 UNESCO World Heritage temple sites: Borobudur temple and Prambanan temple; and one active volcano: Mt.Merapi. Surrounded by rice fields and hills, an in-town climate just pleasant, Jogja has large potential undiscovered by tourists.

Good enough reason to visit Jogja?
Jogja is a university town and I only got to know how old the university town legacy of Jogja was after I read a traveler article from a teenage girl who was there because her Belgian mother studied in Jogja years ago. The colonial charm along with backpacker culture is spread around city area with student population and Parangtritis road. In Parangtritis road, it is the  Jl.Pravirottaman area which has a good concentration of travelers and good restaurants with variety cocktails and good spread of global cuisines., things that invite low and mid budget travelers.

Another 20-30 minute drive from here is the Parangtritis beach. Quite deplete of hawkers and beach bars, on an average day I found there would be no more than a few families. The sand is grayish white, water blue with huge white frothy waves (so inviting) but at the shores are extremely brown oily waters. Not a surprise that too many people dont come here for beach.


  1. Looks very serene. Great place and nice clicks.

  2. I learnt about a new place here, but I want more information and more pictures too :) Plus I now want to visit the place myself as well :)


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