Flights not on time...

The title is good enough to knot eyebrows, especially for people like me. I am not a super frequent flyer but When I fly, I keep enough buffer time. But recently, I have been flying local airlines in Asia. The obvious glaring similarity among all these is delay in takeoffs, cancellations and pretty bad service. I am not a spoilt brat or born with a silver spoon. I am from a developing country and value the cost if airline tickets. Whether it is back in India or indonesia or Philippines, I expect the country to take some corrective measures for delayed/cancelled flights.

Lion air in Indonesia was late by an hour and half and we missed our connecting international flight. We missed because there was unprofessional behavior and bad co-ordination among the airline staff. At a point I thought they were college kids having fun after class. After 2 hours of fighting, we were provided accommodation for the night but had to pay for our missed flight.
On the other hand, Cebu pacific cancelled their flights the day after typhoon Mina hit Manila. When we checked at the counter, we were given a re-routed ticket, a shuttle bus to our destination and a domestic one way ticket each for the inconvenience caused. That's some customer service i would give a whole hearted thumbs up to.

On retrospect, these are developing countries which rely largely on tourism, both charging terminal fees to maintain their airports. What Cebu Pacific did, would make me want to atleast consider Philippines again., cost apart. But domestic airlines in Indonesia, with heavy airport taxes and such timely flights, never.