Happy Filipino Professions

A few things I learned about people from Philippines after living in Singapore are:
They love music
They are called Pinoy people  or Pinas
They drink and party hard
They slog during the day. Most workers and maids in Singapore are from Philippines. Not just collared, even skilled workers.
They love arts and are very well talented
They are the only South East Asian culture closest to the Western world

While in Boracay Island, I saw a few real nice things about Pinas. They offer great salon services. If you just step out of one, you'll also see those hands put to more colorful tasks. Just stretch plain T-shirts across a board and hand paint. Such good souvenirs

 Sitting bang in the middle D-mall , a mall kind of commercial street was this artist beautifully reproducing photos into ink sketches. He takes a day for a portrait and charges 2000 peso.

The coolest of all is the scuba dive instructor. Lots of dive sites in Philippines and anyone who can afford to complete the instructor certification and buy equipment to set up a shop, is pretty much the cool hero.


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