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I was invited by Madhu Nair from to their project Bloggers favorites on India Travel. here goes my favorites:

Favorite Stay
Sea Princes Guest House
The reason I am writing about this place is because you will hardly find it in listed anywhere and they don't have a website. That is also why they are almost on Anjuna beach (between Janet&James and Cafe Lilliput) and walking from this guest house, you can enter either Shore Bar or Janet&James cafe's and through to the beach. Big rooms, hot shower, supermarket adjoining and 3 min access to the beach. And in the peace season (23 Dec - 5 Jan) the rents are ~Rs.1000, in high season (Oct- Feb) rents are ~Rs.400. Not a wonder it is my favorite.

Favorite Restaurant
Kamat Bugle rock
The reason this is my favorite despite being an almost local cuisine restaurant in Karnataka, my home state, is for the distinctive taste and dining experience. Kamat's Jowar Roti meal is a native meal style from North Karnataka. They serve Jowar roti's with a bunch of side dishes including brinjal/ egg plant curry (a hot favorite in North Karnataka), pulses palya, salads and a variety of chutney powders.
The best part of these meals is the serving style. You sit in front of a plantain leaf (on a table) and are served fresh hot rotis., all for a price the local man can afford.

Favorite Experience
Watching the sunset on the Konkan coast at Gokarna. Sometimes, there are mild showers in the afternoons and there can be beautiful rainbows at sunset.

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