Uncle Ho's fight

I must admit I expected to see facts and photos of the Vietnamese war days but this museum was different. There were colors and modern art representations of history. Now how do you picture history with modern art?

Like Uncle Ho did.When Ho Chi Minh, or Uncle Ho as he is popularly called in North Vietnam, moved to Pac Bo cave, no one really paid much attention. And that was his idea. But Ho Chi Minh planned the biggest revolution of Vietnam while in this cave an thats the basis of northern Vietnam's historical revolution. History aside, I am   discussing the present day's Vietnamese representation of their Uncle Ho's planning and struggle. In the Ho Chi Minh museum in Hanoi, there are various abstract representations, unlike any other historical museum I have seen till date. 
Pac Bo Cave
Pac Bo cave where Ho Chi Minh planned his revolution is represented in the form of a human brain. Now, that is something!

The next is a pattern that I saw all over the museum. I didn't really get to connect any dots about history or culture or war but this pattern is vaguely about a oriental dragon raising from the sea. Dragon from the sea means Ha Long in Veitnamese. Rings a bell?

Hello Ha Long bay!


  1. What an interesting concept!! I think it would be more effective to put such things in a historical museum because it is not just about the 'telling of history'- it would make the person viewing things "THINK" of the meaning behind each display

  2. Pac bo cave looks interesting..


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