Catching the Fall before they fall

I have arrived! United States of America shall be home for the next 6 months. Since our move got pushed by a month, I was quite apprehensive of missing the Fall, a season that is not really prominent in India except for a few cold regions of the Himalayas. So here I am, a week before Fall ends and capturing the last color of the North East Fall before those fall off.
Ouiside Quincy Marriott at 7am
 Maybe it is the jet lag, but the good thing is I have been rising around 4-6 am everyday and starting my day very early. It also includes a morning walk/run in Quincy and constitutes the best part of the day.

Also, made a trip to Cambridge 2 days back. The last part of Fall beckoned me to check out a bigger city than Quincy. Unfortunately, that was a real cold day and I almost froze in the 4 degree day waiting for friends and acquaintances to come out of office and meet.
Kendall Clock Tower. Cambridge
 Cambridge is fun. Young and lively crowd in the place, mostly MIT students in and around. Despite the chilly weather I could feel the life in this place. And I would say that is what keeps it going. The hustle-bustle of a city, lots of people, students chatting and walking around everywhere., all these add to the ambiance of the the place and make Kendall Square and surroundings happy and ticking on a cold dull day. Well, that has got to be my take away for the next 6 months of North Eastern Winter.
As a sidekick, I decided to put my own self with the Fall background. Ofcourse, I have to catch them before they fall off.


  1. I think the snow has already hit the North East.

    Where are you in US? I am in NC and will be here for 2 weeks. Here the colours have just begun to come and I will make sure to capture those.. :)



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