Phuket Nightlife

Not a very different topic to write about, just that the difference is in the eyes of the beholder (or experiencer). So here goes

Head to Bangla road when the night begins. Bangla road is on Karon beach and epicenter of Phuket nightlife. It is home to all the night clubs and adult entertainment.

 Hop by bars. There are lots of sports bars run by Australians and these play almost all the sports, at least for my knowledge, I could catch cricket, tennis, football. Any of the side walk bars would be a good idea to sit and enjoy some live music played by an in-house band.  As you walk down the road from either end, you can see Ladyboys dressed and posing for photos with tourists. Each person pays 100 baht the be photographed with them.

yep, cost me 100 baht to take that picture
You can also choose the ones with women dancing on the tables, if that tickles your kinky bone. But I'll come to that later. We re still talking of enjoying the night with a few cocktails and the tropical breeze. The beach road also has great restaurants with good seafood (needless to mention) and world cuisine. It is a pick, choose and indulge for food and drinks. House special cocktails are the best and cost a few hundred baht.

Now for the adult entertainment bars. Bangla street has lots of advertising people for the strip shows. The most common form is a guy approaching you with a placard / menu with all performances on show and woos you to just step in and see for free. But it is for 2 minutes. Once you are in, almost immediately you have to order a drink. In some cheesy places, if you don't drink, you pay money to sit.

Suzy Wong's : Good show, though the entrance is a bit tough to find without the road advertiser guy. Drinks are few hundred baht and dancers are mostly on the little narrow stage. No viewers allowed on stage.

The Secret Place: Entrance is again tough to figure and advertiser leads you to it. Drinks are at 1000 baht easily. Big stage. Viewers maybe be called upstage to participate in the entertainment. But if you don't like the idea of paying to see ugly men being stripped on stage, give this place a pass.


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