Siloso beach, Sentosa

The very last leg of my Singapore stay was an almost forced vacation in Sentosa Island. As our apartment lease was over and we were staying in hotels, the last week's flight delay made its way into our life in the form a 5 days stay at Shangila Resort at Siloso beach , Sentosa Island. A luxury resort right next to Underwater World. 

There are few nice beaches in Sentosa, all man-made :) quite understandable when it comes to Singapore, right? Despite the lack of waves, these pale white sandy beaches serve their purpose and kids are more than  happy to build their sand castles through weekends. 

The back of Siloso Beach facing west, best for Sunset

Ok, that is me posing by the blocks that read SILOSO for the Siloso beach. If you think it looks like a toddler's alphabet blocks, you might be right because you see a lot of those in this beach. And also the Shangrila resort.
Don't fret yet. There are also a bunch of good beach bars with great seafood and cocktails. 


  1. Lucky you.. Hope you had a good time at the underwater world..


  2. Great place to spend quiet time.


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