Singapore, a skyline to remember!

Sunset seen from Marina Mandarin
Everything about Singapore appealed to me, maybe because it was the first place I called home after over 2 decades of my real home in India. What I am actually writing in this post is more about the island's skyline. Marina area was reclaimed area. A colleague once said 'lot of islands are missing in Indonesia because of Singapore' and maybe he was right. A good percentage of the land around Marina area is reclaimed from Indian ocean by refilling with Inonesia's soil, I believe. And this is the part which has the latest and fanciest buildings and a skyline that makes me gasp in awe almost every time I pass by!

Sunset in SIngapore happens around 7pm, a whole hour later than India. And unlike most tropical countries, the sunset tends to get dramatic. Atleast, around the summer-fall months that I stayed in Singapore. Best example is the view from my room in Marina Mandarin.

Step into the Marina Bay area and the view from the bridge at night will leave you mesmerized and wanting more of Singapore nights!

Marina Bay


  1. The sky colours are nice. Placing the camera on a stable support would help in increasing the sharpness. Singapore time has been choosen to synchronise with the Hongkong so that the markets remain synchronised. That is the reason for sunset at 7pm singapore time.


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