Harvard Square and the Scottish Performance

Harvard square is the historic center of excellence in Cambridge. All of the red brick buildings and cobbled streets give a nice old American look to this place. With student population and tourists being a major part of the population, the ambiance is young and dynamic in this area.

This performer I caught last Sunday, was right outside the T station (metro train in Boston-Cambridge) and was a part of the Scottish group that seems to perform every weekend at the Harvard Square.
First, he played the traditional Scottish Bagpipe and then ran up to mount on top of this single wheel cycle, which was he support by his friends (all dressed in the traditional Scottish Kilt). Then he rode around the cycle, juggled and even played the bagpipe on top of the cycle. Street performance is all about talent!


  1. Wow, very cool pic. I'm always amazed by street performers like this guy.... they are the real talent!


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