Photo Essay of a First-Time-Scuba-Diver

Boracay Island in Philippines has some of the best dive sites in the world. Though I went for my first ever Scuba Dive in the middle of the off season, when the sea is not very clear and most beautiful fish are off the dive site limits., and in the later part of the day, late afternoon the visibility under water reduces., I still claim the experience was great and second to none.

Get trained at a shallow spot for breathing techniques and basic life saving techniques
Even if the thought freaks you out, once the oxygen cylinder is at your back, dive into the water backwards
Ain't that coral what we all want to see?
Get Curious. The Dive instructor will be there showing you under water amusements
Amusements underwater. They bloat up and burst if you approach them.
When the 40 minutes are up, come up with a thumbs up :)


  1. Wow..wonderful pics. I have scuba diving in my bucket list. Got a chance at the andamans, but didn't do it.

  2. पूरी कोशिश रहेगी, एक बार आजमाने की

  3. wow absolutely amazing!! The pics were great- but I'm sure they cannot compare to the actual experience you had....Wonderful!!!!!

  4. lovely photo feature!
    would love to do it sometime!

  5. That should have been a great experience.

  6. Great! Excellent photos. Who took the pictures?
    When it was 1st time for me, nobody took the photos. :(

  7. Superb pics!! I can see that you had a whale of a time under the sea..

  8. Great pics...reminds me of Discovery Channel! :-)

  9. Man, I've always wanted to scuba dive!!! Must be so awesome!!!
    Great photos, I wonder how you managed to click em under water as well. Some waterproof camera maybe? Forgive me, I'm technologically next to illiterate :P
    Now I wanna scuba dive even more badly!! :)

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