Wall Art in Singapore

All in the under ground alley lining the Esplanade and City Hall, Singapore definitely knows her way around to make space. The little island, known for its accommodate spirit towards foreign talent sure has space for young artistic talent from their own schools.

A simple idea like the old school hawker of the 70's Singapore is now on the walls of the posh commercial heart giving the old Singaporean his due. And making a contemporary expression! 

After all,Art is all about ideas and expressions. Isn't it?


  1. What a great display- very creative and innovative! Hey, I thought you had come to the States already? Are you back in Singapore again?

  2. nice one so creative and rare..

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  3. Singapor is also an place to visit.the wall art exibits the creativity in school children

  4. When I visited Singapore, I did not see many. Maybe something new. And what we have here in India? Mostly paan spits on the wall.


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