Art Scene in Boston: Part 1

Art of Americas

Some of the best documentations of how Art scene in America evolved is in Boston. I am talking about Musuem of Fine Arts or MFA, Boston.

 The section flows from Victorian times in New England with the decor and art used by Protestant immigrants, to the present day.
Victorian times decor and art works
 During the twentieth century, some American artists strove to record the world as it is. A lot of skill though I wouldn't admit creativity, but definitely hard work on the artists' part.
Paintings just like a photograph. 
 The above painting is easily 10-12 feet wide and covers a whole wall in the huge section dedicated to twentieth century artists.
Below is a still life from an African-American family in the mid-twentieth century.

In the post World War era, Modern American artists sought to capture modern and urban sophistication.

Art in this period is known as Art-Deco (as opposed to Art-deco meaning art and decoration, which I had conveniently assumed till I read it). I read these artists borrowed from European Cubism, sleek French styles and German functional designs.
Above is a canvas painting of City of Lights. Below is Brooklyn Bridge.

Below is a painting by Stuart Davis. I hadn't heard of him. But he is one among three known Modern artists in America. And these three artists and their art is America's response to Europe's modern art.

Finally, my favorite section, Contemporary American Art. Occupying huge walls, these simple designs follow the Minimalist style. The patterns and designs are not mind-blowing. Just, simple and overwhelming. 

Practical information
Getting there: Museum of Fine Arts is connected well by the Boston metro train system.
Entry: On regular days, the entry is $22 for adults. I suggest this is a place for adults to enjoy an appreciate the arts scene. However, there is child ticket as well.
Wednesdays, after 4 pm is free entry/ by voluntary donation
Check out the website for free introductory tours to each section, which last half hour.


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