Photo Essay: When the Fall waited for me...

Drafted 9 November 2011

Fall excitement!!!

Here I am in the epicenter of Boston's history, Beacon Hill area. Hopped off the red line train at the Charles station and walked all along Charles street. A quaint street with quiet shops boutique cafes on the sidewalks of Federal style buildings. These buildings have red brick finishing on the outside and have a 19th century look. The street feels American, very old school American.

This area has lots of little alleys, each housing beautiful fall foliage and street parking for Boston's historical center.

Old America?
 Charles river esplanade is just in the parallel street. I am here in early November, I feel the north eastern USA just retained the last of its fall colors for me to enjoy on a bright and sunny afternoon.

A walk along that deck gives me sights and colors that make my soul smile and thank the guy up there for all the beauty. (Really, I sound like that guy in American Beauty!)

Clear sky, fall colors, sunshine and a deck. Anything else? A boat maybe. Does that complete the happy picture? For me, it completes and fulfills. That's what I call the beauty. 
Charles river bridge from Boston to Cambridge

The maple leaf definitely waited for me


  1. Beautiful captures.

  2. Love the Fall Colors.. Nice composition..

  3. pics are amazing..and serene ( the e magazine)

  4. I hope I get admission to several universities i am applying to there. Nice snaps

  5. I saw it through your eyes. I was thrilled. Great photos.

  6. Lovely images... enjoyed it a lot..

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    Om Namah Shivaya
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